The German Apple Discovery

FRÄULEIN was discovered in the region of Hildesheimer Börde by a fruit farmer who has a great deal of experience – as a random breeding according to the principle of nature. FRÄULEIN does not come from the laboratory but has evolved over years in a random, natural way – inspired by bees, so to speak.

FRÄULEIN combines a regional approach, a genuine naturalness, and sustainability. The name is a tribute: It stands for a modern, sustainable Zeitgeist and is reminiscent of today’s generation of young women who stand their ground in life. With heart and the bite and a lot of self-confidence.


FRÄULEIN stands for a new kind of taste experience because the particularly crispy-crunchy texture leads to a bite that has never been found in an apple before.


FRÄULEIN combines all the best: The balanced sweetness harmonizes with fresh acidity. In consumer tests, FRÄULEIN performs excellently in terms of both product quality and product concept. The juiciness in particular, with 81 percent approval, but also the crispy bite, with 86 percent approval, stands out positively.

FRÄULEIN is at home all across the country. The apple is grown by fruit growers in Saxony, Central Baden, the Rhineland, the Alte Land, and Lake Constance – in other words, all over Germany.


FRÄULEIN was launched in Berlin in the fall of 2020. In the future, FRÄULEIN will be available everywhere, in grocery stores, farm stores, and also at the weekly market.


The range of packaging is therefore correspondingly diverse. Sustainability is important here. When it comes to packaging, the focus is on preserving resources. Nevertheless, all packaging has something in common: You can recognize FRÄULEIN at first sight.