for fresh-sweet pear enjoyment

The pear xenia® is the sweet product of a cross between the varieties „Triomphe de Vienne“ and „Decana N. Krier“. The result: a crisp green pear with firm flesh and aroma sweet as sugar.

When is xenia® most tasty? To make a long story short: always! It can be eaten crunchy like an apple, while its skin is still green, and for lovers of tender-melting pears, it is perfect when it is a bit riper with a yellowish tinge.


The sugary sweet xenia® can be enjoyed straight from the hand to mouth without dripping, and with or without the skin. It is also suitable for pear juice or for hot and cold dishes. A xenia® is always easy to enjoy and wonderfully versatile!


A xenia® pear can be stored for a long time. In the refrigerator, it can be stored extremely well for 2 – 3 weeks. In the fruit bowl, xenia® pears can be stored at room temperature (18°C) for about a week. The pear becomes more yellowish in the ripening process and gradually acquires the typical pear melt.

The xenia® is not only delicious but also healthy. The xenia® pear is packed to the brim with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. So with xenia® you not only enjoy the delicious sugar-sweet taste but also support a healthy lifestyle.


In 1962, a breeder in Moldova succeeded in creating a new pear cross. Its parents are the varieties „Decana N. Krier“ and „Triomphe de Vienne“. The Moldavian breeder’s name really was Ksenia. The pear was named xenia® after her.


It is a robust, green pear. The pear is characterized by a sugary-sweet aroma and firm flesh with a tender, edible skin.

By the way: The name Xenia originally comes from Greek and roughly translates as „the one who is hospitable“.

xenia® cultivated in Germany is also available as an organic pear where it also unfolds its sugary-sweet taste.