Our Tasks

What we do


The DOSK is both a variety and brand owner of its own apple varieties (e.g., Variety GS66 / Brand FRÄULEIN) and a partner of growers and cultivation initiatives from Germany and abroad. Within the framework of tree management, the DOSK coordinates the contractual agreements between the cultivator, the nursery, the fruit grower, and the producer organization. For this purpose, growers’ cultivation contracts and other supporting documents are managed in a central database. Trial facilities and test facilities at the producers are also registered via the system. In addition to cultivation licenses, the DOSK also issues packing house and distribution licenses for the various apple brands.



The DOSK compiles quality manuals for the apple varieties in cultivation. The implementation of these standards takes place at the producers, at the sorting sites and in the packing houses. Brand manuals are also compiled for the sales organizations and their marketing departments.


An information platform is operated jointly with Agricultural Market Information Company (Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH) (AMI). The system includes crop estimates, sales volumes, and inventories of the respective apple variety. It is also used to settle sales- or volume-based royalties for all apple brands.