Sweetango™ –
For a never-ending feeling of summer

SweeTango™ is the only apple that can bring back the summer. This is because it is the first premium apple of the new season.

With its colorful visual identity and unique quality, this apple can transport summer feelings into autumn. The exclusive availability of this variety in the first weeks of the season increases the anticipation. In addition, SweeTango™ is also the loudest apple in the world when you bite into it. Just a fact: it has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for that


The larger cell structure of SweeTango™ compared to other apples results in a unique texture. It is therefore twice as juicy, twice as crunchy, and twice as refreshing. The ruby-red skin encourages you to bite into it. Its flavor is as juicy and fresh as a watermelon.


SweeTango™ is the result of a natural cross between two apple varieties, Honeycrisp and Zestar. They are both native to Minnesota.

The apple year begins with SweeTango™ in the retail trade approximately from the end of August. In addition to the USP of the early marketing start, SweeTango™ offers a top product in terms of taste with uncompromising loyalty when it comes to quality.


The packaging, with a yellow summer side and a purple autumn side, carries the summer feelings into autumn. SweeTango™ is grown in the German cultivation regions of the Lower Elbe, Lake Constance, and Central Baden.