Rockit® Apple –
the snack apple

Rockit® Apple is the 100 percent natural snack alternative – modern and ideal for on-the-go.

This is because Rockit® Apple is the first mini apple on the market and just about 45 to 60 mm small, but with huge advantages: naturally sweet and unique in taste, small edible core, practical for on the go, and rich in fruit flesh. Especially children and families love the sweet little apple. Rockit® Apple was bred in New Zealand and initially ignored because of its small size – until a local fruit grower discovered its true qualities. Rockit® Apple was introduced to Germany many years ago. It is grown in the Alte Land and around Lake Constance. Rockit® Apple is not only small, sweet, and crunchy, it also has a very good shelf life. The core is only slightly pronounced and can therefore be eaten along with the apple, so there is hardly any waste. This makes this mini apple an ideal snack for the family and for on the go.

Rockit® Apple is available in a variety of packaging. Units for different quantities of three to nine apples were developed for the small mini Apple. Push-Pack, Foodtainer, Family-Pack, or Blitzmatic tray: all providing good visibility of the product.


The newly developed packages made of fluted or solid cardboard have attracted a lot of attention in the industry. They meet all the requirements for a snack pack.