I’m red inside

Kissabel®, in the form of a natural kiss, invites the consumer to discover the red heart of the apple.

Because it is surprisingly red inside the apple. Kissabel® offers an exciting new segment in the apple market. For a target group that is keen to experiment and discover and try something new.


Kissabel® is GMO-free and obtained the red fleshiness through a natural cross with wild apples.


Kissabel® is the result of more than 20 years of breeding in the South of France. There are different color varieties with red to pinkish flesh as well as with red, yellow, or orange skin. The trademark symbolizes the different color characteristics of the fruit skin and flesh. Under the growing conditions in Germany, the red-skinned variety Kissabel® Rouge is particularly impressive with its unique berry aroma.


Kissabel® is not only surprisingly red on the inside, but the apple trees also blossom intensively in a pinkish-red in spring.

Kissabel® offers consumers something exotic from domestic cultivation.


During the preferred marketing period between October and December, Kissabel® is used for eye-catching promotions such as Halloween, St. Nicholas, and Christmas.


The red fruit flesh is directly and clearly indicated on the packaging. Kissabel® is grown in the Alte Land and around Lake Constance.